Organizational Assessment & Alignment

Stronger Together. Structure and align your team for resilience and growth.

Security Management Resources® (SMR) consultants and advisors have the business acumen and expertise to assist you as you build, structure and level positions within your organization. We work closely with you to ensure the team you build best supports your goals and culture, reflects your changing needs and aligns your plan with your company’s priorities and mission.

Our Team Helps You Make Informed Decisions

  • We thoroughly review your current structure and team dynamics.
  • Our propriety process identifies relevant skill sets to build a more complete profile of your current assets.
  • We determine gaps between your current staffing structure and what is necessary for you to move forward.
  • We determine success factors for each role.
  • We help you identify key performers and provide development strategies for individuals with future potential.
  • We employ benchmarking data to correctly level your security risk and resiliency positions.
  • We use real-time salary data to perform compensation studies.
  • We provide recommendations to maximize the effectiveness of your staffing structure.
  • We ensure your plans are in alignment with your organization’s underlying business operating model and priorities.

Advanced Planning is Critical to Adapting to Change

SMR can help you plan an agile, strategic response for filling sudden vacancies. Our unique, career-long relationships with security practitioners means we can quickly and strategically identify where top talent is, their capabilities and their future goals. Our deep reach into the professional security community in the private and public sectors offers you unique insight as you plan for change or expansion.

We Find the Leaders You Need

Once we help you chart a course, SMR will diligently search for the security risk and resiliency leaders you need. Top talent knows that SMR develops long-term relationships with our clients, and they stay connected. This lets us identify the most exceptional candidates, allowing you to respond nimbly to dynamic shifts in direction.

We invite you to read our case studies to learn more about our Organizational Assessment and Alignment expertise.

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