Leadership Development

Building Confidence for New and Emerging Leadership.

The Security Management Resources® (SMR) team has extensive, real-world experience managing large and small scale security risk management programs across a wide range of industries. We are available to help ensure leadership’s smooth transition into a new or expanded role.

SMR offers mentorship specific to security risk and resiliency professions, helping to accelerate assimilation into new roles and responsibilities. Through our extensive network we can also connect your new hires to peers in the security community where they can build key relationships with leaders in the profession.

Planning for the smooth hand-over of responsibilities is key to continuity. SMR’s clients rely on us to identify future leaders within the organization and offer guidance on succession planning.

Providing Clarity and Supporting Successful Transitions

Many candidates in the security industry transition from government positions into corporate security management. These senior-level executives are excellent candidates with relevant skills, competencies and experience.

SMR regularly works with public sector leaders as they move into the private arena. We help them to rapidly advance their integration into new roles through coaching and mentoring.

We Help You

  • Clarify issues regarding roles and responsibilities.
  • Identify key internal relationships.
  • Map key competencies and target areas for development.
  • Target goals for early success.

Coaching and Mentoring One-on-one Sessions

  • Transition to a new sector or industry.
  • Develop strategic direction.
  • Guide through implementation of new processes.
  • Counsel on best practices.
  • Structure and build a strong support network through peer introduction.

Ongoing Communication Grows Enduring Relationships

The SMR team is well-equipped to guide professionals as they progress in their careers. Coaching and mentorship services ensure the success of both new employees and emerging leaders already within your organization while building a culture of personal and professional growth.

We invite you to read our case studies to learn more about our Leadership Development expertise.

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