Corporate Citizenship & Responsibility

Security Management Resources® (SMR) sponsors and participates in programs for organizations that work to advance the Security, Human Resources and Talent Acquisition professions. Our team members regularly volunteer and contribute on a pro bono basis. Our ongoing partnerships and projects are representative of SMR’s industry voice.

  • SMR’s Founder and Chief Executive, Jerry Brennan, was chosen by ASIS to lead the three teams that conceived of and updated the ANSI Standard for the position of Chief Security Officer (CSO).
  • The Foushée Group, Inc. consistently relies on SMR to aid in development of security job descriptions for their definitive and well-respected guides.

SMR is a member of and/or contributes additional time and resources to the many organizations listed below.

SMR also proudly supports programs that have meaning for us as a company and significance to our employees in the communities in which they live and work.

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