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Positive Brand Reputation Will Advance Your Security Career

Have you considered what you can do to help build a positive brand reputation for yourself and your organization? We have previously talked about many aspects of how to advance your security career. This includes having a thorough understanding of both soft and operational skills sought after by organizations. The ability to execute on these

Security Career Strategy: Self-Employment as a Next Step

Security practitioners often have security careers that include experience in both public and private sectors. Barring a large inheritance or winning a major lottery, most people will work for 40+ years of their lives. You will likely make a dozen or more job changes during that security career timeframe. Some may be due to significant

Security Career Challenges in 2021 and Beyond

What does the future hold for security careers in these current challenging market conditions? The past year was a unique and difficult year for many, and security leaders want to know what they can expect to face professionally both in this new year and beyond. In his January 2021 “Career Intelligence” column in Security Magazine,

End of Year Security Career Reflections

The close of 2020 is fast approaching and that means it’s time to think about what’s on your career horizon for the upcoming New Year. Security professionals have experienced a wide swing in career highs and lows during this challenging year. In his December 2020 “Career Intelligence” column in Security Magazine, Jerry outlines key processes

Leadership Qualities for Security Career Success

Leadership attributes and behaviors are essential to the success of your security career. Here are some characteristics that exhibit those ideals. A resilient security executive must be able to function and embrace the same underlying skills expected of the senior-most leaders in their organization. In his November 2020 “Career Intelligence” column in Security Magazine, Jerry

How to Avoid Working for a Terrible Security Leader

What is the best way to avoid working for a toxic leader? Avoid them in the first place. Here are behaviors to screen for when you are interviewing for a security job. In his October 2020 “Career Intelligence” column in Security Magazine, Jerry Brennan outlines management styles typical of poor leaders. Performing due diligence prior

Security Careers in Investigations

The investigations career space is growing globally and is a functional area found in almost every industry sector. Jerry Brennan’s September 2020 article in Security Magazine explores the numerous investigative career opportunities potentially open to practitioners who are assessing the direction of their security careers. There are many choices to consider that are separate from

Cyber Skills in Traditional Security Management Careers

An understanding of the elements that make up the role of a cyber security program leader can inform candidates what programs or courses they can take to improve their marketability for these positions. In his August 2020 “Career Intelligence” column in Security Magazine, Jerry Brennan maps out a top-level overview of careers in the cyber

Networking Challenges Ahead for Your Security Career

Global lockdowns, travel restrictions, expansion of remote working arrangements and cancellations of numerous professional programs and events will have a profound impact on opportunities to develop your security career through networking. In his July 2020 “Career Intelligence” column in Security Magazine, Jerry Brennan explores the future of conference and event attendance as it evolves due

How to Search for a Security Job During a Crisis

The current circumstances we find ourselves in can offer you an opportunity to develop a career realignment strategy. However searching for a security job is challenging in the best of times. In his June 2020 “Career Intelligence” column in Security Magazine, Jerry Brennan takes a look at the potentially frustrating experience of changing jobs. The

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